iMAPARK is an on-street smart parking system

iMAPARK is an on-street smart parking system that helps drivers find and PRE-RESERVE an available parking spot by means of light signals – road studs – on the floor, electronic displays and mobile app.

Each parking spot has a light signal and a sensor send information to the Gateway through wireless network. The light signal – road stud – will be visible from the road even when a car is parked and will inform drivers about the occupancy status of the parking spot.

The mobile app helps drivers find and reserve a parking spot!

iMAPARK is a FREE app that allows you to find and PRE-RESERVE an available parking spot on public roads more quickly.

Do not stress out thinking where you will park your car in the city. You can RESERVE a spot in advance so you NEVER need to hunt for available parking spots again.

The road stud will change color at that time showing that your spot is RESERVED.


Find parking. Check Availability and pricing in real time.


Reserve and make sure that a spot is available when you arrive


Easy pay for the service with the Integrated Payment Solution.


The road stud will change color. Check-in when you arrive. Park stress-free, enjoy the city and Check-out.

iMAPARK App is full of features that will make your parking experience much better:

  • Search for parking spots based on points of interest or preferences
  • View the available parking spots in real time
  • PRE-RESERVE a parking spot for certain time
  • Extend parking time if you want
  • Set an alarm to be notified if the parking time is ending
  • Receive voice guidance for parking space
  • Easy pay for the service in the App (no 3rd party service need)
iMAPARK enable Parking Managers to simplify parking data collection at a reduced cost. You can collect occupancy and parking revenue reports (including detailed information such as time of day, day of week, etc.) that will be relevant in pricing decisions.

The system will be integrated with the field parking information devices through Gateways that power the application platform.


The software will allow Parking Managers to:

  • Search and withdraw information about the business
  • Manage accounts (customer, billing) and monetization services
  • Perform customer/account management operations, balance information
  • Manage Top-up requests
  • Manage payment requests
  • Manage vouchers
  • Receive usage data to be collected
  • Use the interface to send billing items to external billing systems (which are responsible for invoice generation / receipts)
Population growth has led to problems in many urban areas.

30% of the cars circling a city are looking for parking

Drivers spend 106 days looking for parking spots

Cars spend 90% of time parked.

Aside from the frustration factor, those cars are creating TRAFFIC CONGESTION

This wastes time, is inconvenient and increases carbon dioxide emissions, but we found a solution: iMAPARK.

This solution allows Municipalities to manage parking areas much more efficiently, allowing the analysis, optimization and management of street assets in a single platform. The payment system is integrated into the management system.

When installed, this system will reduce traffic density in the center of the city and increase the revenues of municipalities/car park managers by increasing occupancy and reducing non-payments.

How it works

NB-IoT Technology
RF Technology – 868Mhz

About SR-i40

SR-i40 road stud is ideal for countries with low sun exposure due to its high performance photovoltaic solar module. It has robust construction, making it suitable for harsh conditions and ready for snow plough machines.

This road stud has low power RF with 868MHz network communication. The i-stud evolution technology applied to SR-i40 increase the performance of solar power studs with energy storage by battery. The main advantage of i-stud is the use of microcontroller technology inside each stud, which allows several beneficial features and control options even after installation.

  • Detection of motor vehicles on the parking space by magnetometer reading
  • Status indicator with green or red led’s
  • Communication with online park management platform
  • Debugging and configuration by BLE
  • Charging batteries through solar panel
  • Battery with up to 10 days of autonomy
  • Centralized management of car parks
  • Possibility of adaptation to different business models
  • Easy installation without mains connection
  • Wake Up/Sleep Function: Allows the stud to stay in “sleep” mode before the application, extending the autonomy of the battery
  • Automatic Brightness Control: Manages the energy stored, adapt the brightness and regulate its light level in accordance with the energy charged during the day
  • Definition of the Working Period: Set up the number of hours the i-stud should work after night detection, when roads studs do not have to operate all night long
  • Operation Mode Flash/Always ON: Switch the stud’s mode from ‘flashing’ to ‘always on’ and vice versa after installation
  • Flash Rate: Adaptation of the flash rate after installation
  • Night Level Detection: Adjustment of the lighting level detection (Lux)
  • Operation Mode Uni or Bi-directional: Modify the light direction temporarily or permanently
  • Low Temperature: Detects the possibility of ice forming on roads and change the LEDs color to warn drivers about the dangerous weather condition
  • Log File: If a problem with the stud is detected the unit is able to make an internal log to discover what are the causes of the problem


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